About Us

We are Urban Enterprise Innovators

Miralto brings a deep and distinct understanding of how urban systems work both for enabling commerce and delivering civic value.  Legacy urban enterprises in public and private sectors are straining to create value for shareholders, society, and ecosystems.  Our mission is to collaborate with urban enterprises in creating healthier urban environments and stronger, resilient, outcome-oriented organizations.

Miralto is a management consulting practice serving governments, non-profits, and businesses.  Our engagements, from initial assessment to implementation, are centered on delivering desired outcomes and include comprehensive plans aligning strategy, workforce, facilities, finances and culture that move clients towards their vision.
Innovation & Ideation

Our processes simultaneously generate “ideas” speaking to both the journey and destination from the perspectives of the enterprise and its constituencies.

Ideate. Analyze. Innovate.

Insight & Foresight

What to do next relies on foresight regarding the looks of the future.  Interdependencies and complexities over time define the “foresight” needed for “insight.”    

Research. Envision. Plan.

Advantage & Collaboration

Identifying, defining and developing the range of formal and informal partnerships is critical to match the complexity and concentration of external forces in the urban enterprise ecosystem.

Communicate. Convene. Collaborate.

Improvement & Engagement

Our belief is that together we make better choices, especially within urban enterprises that benefit from a deliberate balance of what is needed and what is wanted.

Engage. Empathize. Enable.

Teaming & Co-Production

Practicing as a dynamic design studio allows us to brings in the right resources for empathetic listening, critical inquiry, and creative responses. 

Designate. Deliberate. Discover.

Knowledge & Inquiry

Thought leaders and educators from elite Universities equip us to address issues facing our clients and their relationships with complex urban ecosystems.

Listen. Learn. Lead.

Miralto brings a design thinking perspective to every engagement, assuring that work efforts are born out of a client’s vision of a future state.   Borrowing from our deep background in design, systems thinking, and technology, Miralto uses a versatile platform approach in delivering consulting services.  This platform approach redefines a “design studio”  through the deployment of multi-disciplinary teams equipped with solution generating frameworks and processes tailored to the complexities of the urban enterprise.
​​Paul Curcio

Leads promotion, design and orchestration of resource deployment to achieve client objectives    
Brent Collins
Consulting Principal

Specializes in product development, strategy, marketing, and business development

​​Louise Curcio
​Marketing Advisor

Empowers enterprises to deploy innovative marketing strategies that create civic and brand value
Michael Wright
​​Finance Advisor

Engages in economic modeling and land development strategies to enable public-private partnerships and financing

Uday Karmarkar
Operations Advisor

Advises on process re-engineering, management systems, and deisign of general and specialized management offerings
Donn Marrin
​​Environmental Science Advisor

Concentrates in pollutant dynamics, water resources, and aquatic ecology