​Rail Recovery Teaming for LA METRO

LA METRO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) sought advice from Miralto to optimize the sequence of their main subway lines. In response, Miralto created an embedded, cross-functional team to provide chartering and analytic support for LA METRO.

The engagement shifted in emphasis over its duration from optimizing total return to balancing perceived social inequities in transit investments.  The final product delivered to the LACMTA successfully secured a full funding agreement with the Federal Transit Administration. This became the $5.9 billion “Rail Recovery Program.”

Miralto’s efforts included a comprehensive assessment of financing scenarios. The purpose of these scenarios was to optimize deployment of use constrained federal, state, and local monies by maximizing leverage, capturing scale and construction scheduling economies, and meeting requirements of the consent decree.  Miralto led chartering and analytic support for an embedded cross-functional team to optimize sequencing of the main lines of the LA METRO. 
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