Organizational Effectiveness

Urban Enterprises depend on the organization and composition of internal and external resources to both operate and innovate.  Leaders deliver this type of ambidexterity through enterprise design and the development of management.  The urban enterprise needs management to lead projects and deliver outputs as well as lead people to innovate at the strategic and operational level for increased effectiveness.  Our consultants will help you assess what services are needed to develop your management team and organization.  Provide the action learning and organizational architecture essential to high performance.
Assessment Center Chartering
Competency and Disposition Curation
Change Readiness Inventory
Strategic Partner Capabilities Assessment
General Management and Leadership Programs
Specialized Management Programs
Executive Coaching and Transitioning
Organizational Design and Decision Rights
Project Chartering and Team Building
Process Improvement
Workshop Facilitation
Group Writing and Communications
​​ Los Angeles Development Reform

Leadership Transition in SCAG
US-China Sister City Education Program
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