Donn Marrin
Environmental Science Advisor

Concentrates in pollutant dynamics, water resources, and aquatic ecology 

Dr. Marrin is an applied scientist in the fields of hydrochemistry and biogeochemistry and works with Miralto as a Consulting Advisor. He has extensive knowledge in pollutant dynamics, water resources, and the application of integrated and sustainable water solutions.

Donn has developed techniques to evaluate and predict priority pollutant dynamics in aquifers, soils, surface freshwaters and coastal marine environments. Having experience working with clients in environmental firms, major corporations, public health agencies, and nonprofit organizations, he routinely assists his clients by identifying operational alternatives to serve environmental stewardship objectives and business constraints within evolving regulatory and technological regimes.

His recent work involves devising small-scale solutions for drinking water and assisting a wide range of firms with R&D projects that address the water-energy-food nexus.
University of Arizona
PhD in Water Resources

University of California, Berkeley
MS in Environmental Science

University of California, Irvine
BS in Biological Sciences