Brent Collins
Consulting Principal

Specializes in product development, strategy, marketing, and business development

Brent is a Consulting Principal with Miralto. He helps clients with product development, strategy, marketing, and business development.
Brent works closely with executives and their teams to achieve breakthrough results. He is an expert on topics such as financial modeling, branding, operational strategy, digital strategy, and public relations. Recently, Brent continues to work with one of Miralto’s strategic partners, a multi-national machine learning company, to identify use cases and proof-of-concept opportunities for deep learning applications, and big data-based predictive analytics to increase competitive advantage

Brent has led marketing teams at Hewlett-Packard and co-founded SmartStops, a risk management tool used by financial advisors and banks, and SlowMoney SoCal, a non-profit organization which financed local, healthy food initiatives. 

He has been interviewed by Barron’s, Wall St. Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, CNBC, US News & World Report, USA Today, Kiplingers, TheStreet, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, numerous trade journals and several international newspapers.


Slow Money SoCal
University of Oregon
MBA in International Finance and Business Administration
BS in Marking & Management